Am Seeufer

Runde J

From the narrow Rurtal you cycle clockwise and eastbound till the edge of the agricultural fields from where wavy paths take you to Hergarten. Various vegetations, wide forest paths, steep trails and a lot of climbs and descents make this route a very long and varied but still moderate panoramic route. You can start at the parking lots of the train stations Nationalparktor Heimbach or Abenden, the beach at Eschauel or to the north and south of the dam in Schwammenauel.


  • Schlehbachtal
  • Rursee mit Staudamm Schwammenauel
  • Burg Hengebach
  • Nationalpark-Tor Heimbach
  • Jugendstilkraftwerk

Resting places:

  • Schmidt
  • Heimbach



Route Downloads

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