An der Kall-Aue

Runde G

From the narrow Rurtal along the wooded valleys of Kallbach and Schlehbach up to the windy plateau of Schmidt. Technically this route is relativy easy to master for everyone because of its simple design except one steep and long singletrail climb between Zweifallshammer and Schmidt. There is a direct connection the info point at the national park in Zerkall with a parking lot, but you can also easily go by train to the train station in Nideggen-Brück.  Parking lots are also available in Nideggen at the Zweifallshammer, in Schmidt-Scheidbaum, in Kommerscheid or in Mausbach.


  • Kall- und Schlehbachtal
  • Wildpark Schmidt
  • Nationalpark-Infopunkt Schmidt
  • Nationalpark-Infopunkt Zerkall

Resting places:

  • Schmidt
  • Zerkall
  • Nideggen



Route Downloads

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