Runde U

A long and hilly route with only one difficult and steep meadow path at the dam of the Freilinger lake. A bigger altitude difference has to be mastered, so this route is for beginners who want to improve themselves. For cyclist who are not that experienced it is recommended to take the route anticlockwise. The deep Ahrtal valley offers to devide the route into two parts because of the well developed Ahr bike path, a short route to the Freilinger lake or a longer route through the valleys of Nonnenbach, Eichholzbach and Schaafbach,

Parking lots are available in Blankenheim, at the Freilinger lake, near the viaduct at the Ahr bike athor in Ripsdorf.


  • Burgort Blankenheim mit Eifelmuseum und römischen Spuren
  • Freilinger See

Resting places:

  • Blankenheim
  • Ripsdorf
  • Freilingen



Route Downloads

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