Runde R

Long asphalt roads and lesser loose paths take you through forests and meadow trails. Despite the lenght of the route it is relatively easy with just a few steep climbs and a lot of open land. Variety is given by bumpy sections through valleys alongside the many creeks. One short but demanding climb to the Pferdekopf has to be mastered after which you get rewarded with a wonderful view and relatively long descent.

Direct connections by train can be found in Kall, Urft or Nettersheim. In addition parking lots are available in Sötenich, in Urfttal in the north of Nettersheim, Zingsheim and in Marmagen.


  • Urfttal mit römischen Spuren in und bei Nettersheim
  • Naturzentrum Eifel Nettersheim
  • Unterirdischer Atombunker der Landesregierung NRW

Resting places:

  • Nettersheim
  • Marmagen
  • Sistig
  • Kall
  • Urft



Route Downloads

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