Runde W

The difficult part of this route is the steep meadow path along the dam of the Freilinger lake. Except of this section, the route is relatively easy to master. You can devide the route into two parts because of the Ahr biking path. A Short route to the Freilinger lake and a longer route through the valleys of Michelsbach, Lampertsbach and Schaafbach, where you can enjoy the untouched wooded creek valleys. Near Dollendorf the route takes you over a asphalt street with little traffic through a half open forest and juniper heath landscape.

Parking lots are available at the Freilinger lake, the nature reserve Lampertsbachtal or in Ripsdorf.


  • Ahrtal-Landschaft
  • Freilinger See
  • Lampertstal mit Wachholderheidelandschaft

Resting Places:

  • Ripsdorf
  • Freilingen



Route Downloads

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