Runde L


The section through the Braubach valley is closed because of a construction site.
The construction work will last until the end of the year. We ask for your understanding!

From Gemünd this round is rather short but intense in both directions to Schleiden. A lot of rather steeper climbs and sections on loose and narrow forest paths are not suited for the rather casual cyclists. Exciting singletrails between Herhahn and Gemünd and out of the Urftal valley are spectacular and make every mountain bikers hear beat faster.

Parking lots can be found in Schleiden and Gemünd or you travel by train to the train station in Kall which is 1.3km away.


  • Schlosskirche Schleiden
  • Nationalpark-Tor Gemünd
  • Historischer Ortskern Olef

Resting places:

  • Schleiden
  • Olef
  • Kall
  • Gemünd



Route Downloads

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